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Moby Dick

Based on the novel “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville. 

The book was published in 1851 and became one of the most important novels of American literature.  

However, it’s much more than just a 150 year old masterpiece. The story is open to many interpretations. It can be read as a thrilling sea story or an examination of the conflict between man and nature. Depending on the point of view and with changing political atmosphere - Ahab can be seen as a Promethean hero or a forefather of the  twentieth-century totalitarian dictators.  

Although we worked ourselves along the many other interesting aspects and  wonderful moments of the story, it was this last point of view, that interested us most. Captain Ahab is the archetype of a despot. The kind, that haunts like ghost through the history of mankind.  

Just like all megalomaniacs, Ahab retains the mastery of his crew through a mixture of charisma, the generalization of his foe into the evil itself and by the temptation of a golden reward. Maybe nowadays it is sometimes a little more difficult to decide what’s right or wrong because the world has become much more complicated than it used to be in 1851. However, in the end we will all have to ask ourselves just like  John Huston already did:   

“Who is the monster, Ahab or the Whale?


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